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Scrolling Signage Motors

Scrolling Billboard Motors

Scrolling billboards can be produced single sided or double sided. In double sided billboards, it is possible to use 3 posters on both sides. Also, specially designed Scrolling billboard motors are used to display the poster alternately. Posters need to be added one after another so that they can be wrapped properly.

We use Scrolling billboard motors to display 3 posters on each side. Scrolling Systems that we have been distributing since 2004 are under warranty for 2 years. The display duration of posters on each advertisement side, the on - off timing of the system, and calibration settings are made with programmable control. 602-2 is used in CLP billboards, 756 model motors are used in Megalight and Scrolling Billboards. Scrolling poster systems do not operate with solar panels, but with electricity.

220 volts can be enough for the motors that are powered by using city electricity. Minimum electricity usage ensures that posters are displayed alternately for 24 hours. The motor mechanisms are under warranty for 2 years.

The motors redesigned with improved technology are prominent as they work more quietly than previous models. Also, since it provides a clearer rotation of the posters, it can offer a much more steady poster display. Motor sets are tested in test rooms for 3 days before being sold. They are offered for sale with a trouble-free usage possibility. The motors do not operate with solar panels.

Synchronization System

It is the system we use especially when we want the posters to be displayed at the same time in synchronized movement, in side-by-side connection of 4 units in billboards (quadruple connection) or in placements aligned side by side on the wall. We integrate the system as wi-fi or wired where billboards are located.
Scrolling poster mechanisms can rotate advertisements from 1.5m2 to 12m2 net poster area. Our systems are ideal for quick and easy poster replacement. For example, it takes about half an hour to apply 3 posters on a Megalight billboard of 7m2 (320 x 220 cm).

Terms of guarantee for Scrolling Poster Motors

In order for electronic parts of the products to be guaranteed for 2 years, it is necessary to make the poster changes in the way they are taught. In case of any malfunction, interference should be done by Sistem Dizayn Reklamcılık. The necessary team will come to interfere within 3 work days for the fault after the problem is reported to us by e-mail, will do the examination and the problem will be notified by written mail.

In the event that malfunction is not caused by the use, Sistem Dizayn Reklamcılık makes the necessary interference free of charge under warranty. If the problem is caused by the wrong intervention of third parties, Sistem Dizayn Reklamcılık will identify the parts necessary for the elimination of the fault, repair them and prepare an invoice for the customer.

It is possible to use 3 posters on each side of CLP Billboard, Megalight and Scrolling Billboards. For the display of three posters, motor mechanisms are used in such products. Motor mechanism rotates the poster paper, and three posters placed one after another rotate in the mechanism. In double-sided use, 3+3 posters can be displayed.

Motor mechanisms operate with 220 V city electricity, and do not operate with solar panels. Mechanisms are under warranty for a year. 

Our new generation engine equipment provides a quieter and clearer poster rotation. Each set is tested in test rooms for 3 days before sale.

If any part fails, a spare part can always be supplied from our stocks, even after the warranty period.

You can get a price from us for the assembly of the motor equipment to be fitted outside the workshop.

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