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Billboard Signage

Billboards are one of the most frequently seen outdoor products in the texture of the city.  There are available options such as free standing type, without pillar, or wall mounted type. Both Fixed and Scrolling Billboards can be used as single or double sided.

Fixed Billboard is made of steel construction, extrusion mold aluminum, and 8 mm exotic tree plywood. Either blueback paper or vinyl can be used as printing material upon your request. Fixed Billboard can be produced either as internally illuminated, with 4+4 laminated glass and box body, or as open and with lighting from the top.

As motor system is used in Scrolling Billboards, it is covered and with 4+4 laminated glass, and the used printing material is Fibermark. This material allows visual to appear eye-catching by ensuring that light is homogeneously diffused in internally illuminated Billboards thanks to light transmission.

1, 2, 3 or 4 billboards can be connected together to form a unit. Thus, the given message becomes continuous and considerably prominent in places where pedestrian and vehicle traffics are busy.


  • Free Standing and Scrolling Billboard - Billboard with Poster Changing System
  • Wall Mounted Billboard - Billboard with Poster Changing System


  • Free Standing Billboard with Fixed Poster
  • Eco Free Standing Billboard with Fixed Poster
  • Wall Mounted Fixed Billboard
  • Billboard XL
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Scrolling Poster Billboard
Scrolling Poster Billboard
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Fixed Billboard
Fixed Billboard
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