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Mounting Stages of Poster Scrolling Systems

Scrolling Megalight / Scrolling Billboard Sign / CLP Billboard Poster Features; The visual prepared according to size of produced Megalight, Billboard Sign is sent to us in psd or tiff format. The printing paper for both scrolling and fixed megalight is Fibermark.

Poster change frequency for Megalight / Scrolling Billboard Sign / CLP Billboard; Depending on the temperature, humidity, indoor and / or outdoor conditions of the area where Megalight is located, it may vary from approximately 1 to 4 months.

Monthly annual maintenance services of Megalight / Scrolling Billboard Sign / CLP Billboard are provided by our company. The most important advantage of these maintenance is that it ensures the lifetime of the Scrolling motors is longer.

Megalight / Scrolling Billboard Sign / CLP Billboard excavation assembly information: after the conditions (humidity, temperature, wind force, ground properties, etc) - appropriate to the geographical characteristics of the area where assembly is to be done - are determined and necessary study is carried out, the foundation is laid and concreting is done.

Megalight / Billboard Plus Sign / CLP Billboard Support Assembly Service: You can also choose site supervision services instead of excavation, foundation and assembly services, and consequently all technical equipment is provided by you, and our "Site Supervisor" only manages the assembly, and motor usage training is provided. The necessary information will be provided to the personnel to receive technical training by our "Site Supervisor".