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Elevator Screens

These screens - which can be applied inside walls, mirrors and glasses in hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, elevator's inner areas, waiting areas outside elevators, restaurants, cafes and bars - are available in 3 types.

Elevator LCD Screens

LCD monitors located in elevators are invariably the only advertising, notification and information platform because of their current position. You can both visually and audibly communicate with the target audience in the most effective way, in a short time. Since LCD screens in elevators are close in proximity and there are no external distractions, unlike outdoors or crowded indoors, the given message is wholly transmitted to the opposite party.

Where Are Elevator LCD Screens Used?

Elevator LCD TV screens allow any desired message to be transmitted to target audience in all the buildings - where the elevator is used - such as all dwellings, collective housing, shopping centers, hospitals, state institutions and organizations, plazas, business centers etc.

What Are The Types of Elevator LCD Screens?

We can examine the LCD Screen types in 3 main titles.

  • Mirror Type Elevator LCD Screen
  • Built-in Elevator LCD Screen
  • Elevator LCD Screen

How to Upload Content to Elevator LCD Screens?

Data can be uploaded to Elevator LCD Screens in 3 different ways. The first way is to upload data with the help of wi-fi through the internet network preferred in multi-screen managements. The second way is to upload data in the elevator via data cables (cat5, cat6, etc.), and the third way is to upload via USB. In all these three methods, screens are protected against external uploads by a software.

In Elevator Screen installations, our professional team makes a professional detection in advance, we will determine the size and type of assembly required and deliver the product soon as possible - as is the case for any installation we carry out as Sistem Dizayn (System Design). It should not be forgotten that after-sales service is as important as, and even more important than, sales itself. Our company - which has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction since 2004 - aims to bring you dear friends and the best products together at the most reasonable prices by using its manufacturing and importing power.

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10,1” Ekran Çözünürlüğü 1280 x 800 [WXGA]
15,6” Ekran Çözünürlüğü 1366(RGB) x 768 [WXGA]
18,5” Ekran Çözünürlüğü 1366(RGB)×768 [WXGA]
21,5” Ekran Çözünürlüğü 1920(RGB) x 1080 (FHD)

(Typ.) (Transmissive) Kontrast 3000 : 1
350 cd/m² (Typ.) Parlaklık
16:9 (H:V) En Boy Oranı
0.300×0.300 mm Piksel Alanı (mm)
88/88/88/88 (Typ.)(CR≥20) Görüş Açısı
9 (Typ.)(G to G) ms Açılış süresi
16.7M (8-bit) Renk
50K(Typ.) (Hours) Lamba Ömrü
Çalışma Sıcaklığı en az 0°~+50° Enerjisiz Bekleme Sıcaklığı -20°~+60° Isı Sıcaklığı
1* USB, 1* SD Kart Girişler (Offline Sistem)
Anakart (Online Sistem) A83T, Octa-Core, Main Frequency 2GHz
Network Support 3G, Ethernet, Support WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0, Wireless
12 V- 2 Amper Adaptör Aksesuar

Online Uzaktan Yönetim Sistemli (Network Media Player)
Offline, USB Bilgi Yükleme Sistemli
Açık Kasa, Kapalı Kasa Opsiyonu
RAL Renk Seçeneği

All Technical Measure
10,1 İnce Kasa
10,1 Standart
15,6" İnce Kasa
15,6" Standart
18,5" İnce Kasa
18,5" Standart
21,5" İnce Kasa
21,5" Standart
Elevator LCD Screens Behind Mirror
Elevator LCD Screens Behind Mirror
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Built-In LCD Screens
Built-In LCD Screens
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Wall Mounted LCD Screen for Elevators
Wall Mounted LCD Screen for Elevators
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