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Megalight and Billboard Plus Motor System SCKIT-756

Megalight and Billboard Plus Motor (Poster Changing) System

Product : Megalight and Scrolling Billboard Poster Changing System Motors / Scrolling Billboard Motors / Poster Changing Billboard Motors

Product Code : SCKIT-756

Electric Poster Changing System (Scrolling Poster Changing Billboard Motors, DC brushless, Digital Movement Motor Systems)

  • CE Certificate
  • DC brushless motor
  • Very quiet operation
  • 1 Year Warranty

Scrolling / Poster Changing System Billboard Motors, Scrolling Mechanism

Serial No : SCKIT-756
Roller Sides : 75mm×750mm
Poster Size (m2) : from 6 to 9
Power : AC110V 50Hz or DC 24V
Power Energy : 60W
Size (cm) : 79*29*14
Gross Weight : 9KG
Rotation Moment(KG) : 30
Speed(cm/s) : 40-60
Temperature resistance : -40 to +80


Product : Scrolling Billboard Motor System Control

Programmer Operations : Arrangement of Poster Operation Hours, On Off Time Settings, Poster Display Duration Adjustment, Determining Number of Posters to Rotate, Calibration Setting, Possibility of Adjusting Poster Image During Poster Placing Process, Storing All Settings.

Product Code : PRG

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