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What is (Blog) Industrial Screen (LFD)? 

What is (Blog) Industrial Screen (LFD)? 

Industrial Screens are also known as LFD Screen in English; LFD is the abbreviation of Large Format Screen.

LFDs, Industrial Screens, are Screen types which are produced for especially usage areas with Digital Signage such as shopping malls, airports, schools, entertainment venues, public institutions, reception desks, advertising presentations, showcases, meeting rooms, and which vary according to monitors.

LFDs are thinner edged flat panel screens designed for businesses or organizations to show their advertisements, notifications, and presentations to customers and visitors from a higher quality source. Combined with these features, they achieve a more elegant appearance.

Industrial LFDs are available in sizes starting from 10 inches to 90 inches. Each screen can be used separately or together. Combined LFDs form a Video Wall.

Differences Between Standard Home TVs and Industrial LFDs

LFDs can be produced at high brightness; however, standard TVs also have different brightness limits. They also maintain their brightness for a longer period than normal TVs. Thus, they last longer.

LFD (Industrial Screen) can be operated vertically or horizontally; however, when televisions are operated vertically, deformation occurs on the panel over time. These deformations do not occur on LFDs.