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1-) Stadium / Field Glas Wool panels usually have an advertisement display area of 90*500 cm.

2-) They are comprised of 36 glass wool panels (units) with fixed double-action up and down. The front and back sections of advertising panels are covered with vinyl against weather conditions.

3-) As the standard number, a total of 36 "Stadium Glass Wool" advertising panels are used. Field glass wool panels are arranged in groups of 10 behind both goals and 400 cm behind from the line in parallel; the remaining 16 glass wool panels are set parallel to the midfield line and connected to each other, and synchronous movement of the whole system is ensured. 

4-) Indoor Sports Hall Glass Wool Advertising Panels can be applied in a total of 12 pieces, in groups of 3 at left and right sides of both hoops and opposite to each another; and they can be applied in 8-12 pieces - a total of 20-24 pieces - in marathon depending on the condition of the indoor sports hall and/or upon request.

5-) Both Field / Stadium Glass Wool and Indoor Sports Hall Glass Wool can synchronously move. Glass wool systems are made of steel construction body and steel bedding systems applied on the body, and double process paint is applied on the metal parts of panels against rust and corrosion. 

6-) All mechanical parts allowing movement in our Field / Stadium Glass Wool system have properties ensuring optimal operation in all types of weather conditions.

7-) 8 Reducer DC motors enabling the system to move allow up and down winding, and their speed is adjustable. 

8-) Field / Stadium Glass Wool Panel's advertisement change speed can be set to the desired duration.

9-) Thanks to Field / Stadium Glass Wool System's ability to be manual during the match, victimization of advertising companies can be instantly prevented.

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