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Elevator LCD Screens Behind Mirror

It looks just like a mirror when the monitor is off. However, when LCD screen is turned on, the fact that there is a monitor behind becomes obvious. It is preferred in areas in which the light and brightness are not high.

Elevator Screens Are Industrial Screens Demanded For Advertisement & Promotion Advertisement Broadcasting And Information Purposes, And Which Are Applicable In Built-in Form To Mirrors And/or Glass In Areas Such As Hotels, Hospitals, Hospitals And Education Institutions Where Elevators Are Intensively Used Or Waiting Areas Outside Elevators, Cafes, And Bar Walls.

The most preferred screens are of 22". (51.03 x 30.21 x 5.3 cm)

In Elevator LCD Screens, data is uploaded via the Network Management System through the Internet network preferred in multi-screen management, especially if REMOTE CONTROL is preferred. It can be controlled by a single computer thanks to the software we will install to your computer. Data can be transferred to the screens via Cat5 and Cat6 cables.

The second system is connection with WIFI; however, due to interruptions in the connection with WIFI, we recommend using data cable to companies considering using Network Management.

The third way is separately transferring data to each screen in elevator via USB. In all these three methods, screens are protected against external uploads by a software.

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