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Plexi Products

Plexi products have a wide variety in terms of usage and design. Due to being aesthetic, plexi products made of acrylic material are preferred by many brands, institutions and associations. Different and aesthetic designs can emerge due to plexi being lightweight and resistant, and being easily used with aluminum, wood, cardboard, foil and many other materials. Plexi products may be transparent and have a wide range of colors. Their glass-like transparency and plastic structure make them easier to process, and they do not cause injuries in case of breakage.

If you are considering having an extremely aesthetic and flashy stand done for your brand, and especially if your stand contains lighting, you should prefer plexi stand. There are plexi stand types such as desktop, wall mounted type and free standing field type.

Due to being aesthetic, plexi stands are preferred by many sectors such as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, energy, cosmetics, stationery, food, and electronics.

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