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LED Screens Outside The Stadium

You can broadcast your informative message, video, advertisement film on the scoreboard screens. These products, which are located on the facade of the stadium, are very valuable fields of media value, where especially pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic is intense, and which reaches a very high number of viewers before, during and after the match. These outdoor products should be weather resistant and have high brightness.  With low energy consumption and instant interference, these screens - which can effectively transfer images to the target audience - can display photos, videos, and slides if you wish. The measurement and application area can be applied depending on request. It is a product produced by using LED modules according to measurements and making an appropriate frame.

As with other LED screens, pixel pitch resolution is the most important factor affecting the image quality in these screens. Then comes the other software and hardware; a driver, a media player, a necessary infrastructure for data transfer, and an electrical installation in accordance with European norms are required. A video processor is added to the hardware for live broadcasting.

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