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Led Mesh Screens and Led Pixel Mesh Products

With its flexibility and transparent construction easily applied to all types of floors, it is the product type which is used especially on buildings facades as a screen and in place lighting.

With pixel technology communicating with each other and artificial intelligence software, and our experience and knowledge obtained in the sector, we can apply the Led DMX feature to all types of single-storey, low-rise and high rise structures - on which Led DMX RGB Lighting will be applied - such as many housing estates, buildings, street adornments, blocks, plazas, mosque lightings, shopping malls, businesses, hospitals, institution buildings, entertainment places and social facilities.

With the latest technology, great dynamic image and video display, it provides an excellent visual feast in high resolution even on a GIANT SCREEN and GIANT FACADES.

With its flexible structure, it can be folded, bent, and can be applied easily to any kind of area.

Especially on building facades, roofs, at concerts, event areas and in outdoor advertisements, with transparent structure that can be applied to every facade 360 degrees, they are the images emerging as a result of the combination of IMAGINATION and TECHNOLOGY.


Super thin and transparent mechanism,

"ONLINE" control feature,

Possibility to choose from thousands of effects with the special software,

Possibility to be applied to giant areas,

UV resistance, being suitable for all kinds of outdoor conditions and usable with Outdoor products,

Integration with sound system, equalizer, possibility to apply "ONLINE" effect such as fireworks, fire, snowfall,

3D image feature, and a structure that can be applied to all type of floors.

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