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LCD Screen CLP Billboard – LCD CLP

Along with the product being at the eye level, being aesthetic in appearance and being able to play the advertisements in the desired order and time; there are different alternatives such as single sided and double sided depending on demand and application field. Compared to LED displays, it offers a very high resolution. CLP Billboard with LCD technology provide quality images at close distances. Since its brightness ratio is lower than that of LED technology, it is preferred in places that do not receive direct sunlight, or indoors. LCD CLP Billboard has both a safe and aesthetic appearance thanks to the material used. LCD CLP Billboard is priced according to its size, resolution, driver and other hardware used. As is the case with all of our other LCD Screen applications, it will quickly meet your every demand, due to image quality, long life, low energy consumption, possibility of instant intervention in images, time adjustment of slides, and possibility of playing Scrolling pictures.  Available in different colors with electrostatic paint, and can be produced with special colors upon request.

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