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Indoor Sports Hall LED Panels

Led panels used on the margin of courts for advertisement purposes in games played in indoor sports halls, such as basketball and volleyball, are different than outdoor products in terms of materials and screening. As they are used in indoor, they must have higher resolution and lower brightness than outdoor led panels. Low-resolution Led Screens project non-sharp, scattered images from close distances due the number of pixels. A product with a brightness of more than 7000 nits would strain the eyes and cause disturbance in a short time. Additionally, it causes the images to lose sharpness in Led Panels. The materials used must be soft masked, approved by the federation, as in products used in football pitches, and the panels must be placed properly.

And the advertisement management system differs based on the court and control room. The products used and the advertisement management system vary depending on physical structure of each pitch and indoor sports hall, therefore court reconnaissance is the first stage of the project.

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